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Getting a name tattooed is an important decision and should be thought out well. Many people have tattoo names which they later regret getting. Most common are ex girlfriends or boyfriends/wives or husbands. Here are some great tips for getting names tattooed:

Tip 1: Get it somewhere relatively discreet.

Tattoo names are usually placed on the arms or the chest, and this is generally fine. But think twice about getting neck tattoos of names or hand tattoos. These are not only very visible areas but in the event that you do want to get it covered up, as many end up wanting unfortunately, then the neck and hands can be hard spots to cover up. And furthermore while you may not regret your name tat even though the relationship has ended with the person, you still may not want to look at it every day. Placing it somewhere more discreet is a safer choice.

Tip 2: Get another tattoo design that surrounds it.

While tattoo names nowadays can be done in elegant and creative lettering making it stand out, they still can be rather dull. A great way to liven up a name is to get another tattoo design surrounding the name. Or you could get the name included within the design. Either way this makes the overall name more interesting and alive. Plus, if that name is one you later regret, a cover up job incorporating the existing design may work well. Or if the name is within the design it might be able to just be filled in. There are tattoo galleries online where you can find great lettering for the name, and great designs to accompany it with.

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