Tattoo Pain

Tattoo Pain

A lot of people before they get their first tattoo wonder whether or not it is painful to get a tattoo. Well the simple answer is yes, having your skin pierced by a needle hundreds of times a second does hurt. To most people thought it feels more irritating than anything. But I suppose the real question they are seeking the answer to is how much will it hurt? And then they wonder if they will be able to tolerate the pain.
Tattoo Pain
Pain is a relative issue. A perfect example to show that is child birth, every experience is unique and even a mother who has had multiple children will tell you the pain varies with each child as the pain will vary with each tattoo. Part of it is based on your own personal pain tolerance level. If you can handle large amounts of pain, a tattoo may seem like nothing. If a single needle withdrawing blood hurts like hell to you, a tattoo could be the most painful experience of your life. Part of your bodies defence mechanism though is to release endorphins and these endorphins help you to cope with the pain of the tattoo.

Pain is a definite in the tattooing process. How painful getting a tattoo is, is completely dependant on the person and the decisions they have made in regards to placement, colouring and mental attitude at the application time. Bing calm and relaxed and prepared for that which you are about to endure makes it a better experience and will almost always result in you being ready for your next tattoo.

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