Tattoo Removal Prices

Tattoo Removal Prices

The cost of laser removal will range quite a bit depending upon where you have it done. It should only be done by a licensed doctor.

The cost can fluctuate between $200 and $600 per session. Multiple visits are usually required. The number of sessions will depend on the the size of the tattoo, types of lasers, color of the ink, the amount of ink, and the particular doctor who is doing the procedure.

You should shop around to get the best price. It's important to find a doctor with a reputation for doing nice work. You will probably get better results from a doctor who does this on a regular basis than a who has only done it a few times.

Tattoo Removal Cream

There are only a few companies out there who sell tattoo removal creams. Remember that like laser tattoo removal, the cream will actually gradually fade the tattoo. The size, amount of ink, color, and depth, are factors that will influence the length of treatment. Here are some costs for common tattoo removing creams as of August 2010.

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