Top Sexy Tattoo Places For Men and Women

Top Sexy Tattoo Places For Men and Women
When it comes to getting a tattoo, having it at the right place of the body matters just as much as the design itself. What good would it be if you have a really rocking tat when it's hidden under your clothes all the time and all you really want to do is to show them to the whole world?


Rib tats seem like all the rage nowadays. Because of all that skin, it's a wonderful canvass for any captivating design. However, unlike the back it provides a new way of presenting ink on skin. Wear a nice back-less dress to a party or a bikini in the beach and people will be ogling at your tat. Men only need to pull up their shirts to get the same result.

Lower Back

The lower back has always been a crowd favorite. Just when people think you don't have any ink on you, you wear that low-rise jeans and there it is. It's great if you want to surprise people, which is why a number of "squeaky clean" celebrities opt to have any tattoo art on their lower backs, like Jessica Alba.
Top Sexy Tattoo Places For Men and Women

Wrist tattoos are very popular with the ladies especially since you can cover the tattoo art under a bracelet or a watch if you have to, but then its there for you to show off. Ask Lindsay Lohan. But the guys don't have to feel left out as Eminem has one himself.


For men who would like to create an allusion of having larger and well-defined chests, having tattoo just might solve the problem. Former professional wrestler, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson has one.


Men likes to show off their toned arms and what could be a better way to do it than having an interesting tattoo art inked on their arm. Women think that men with great biceps are sexy and adding amazing tat art are a definite plus to their sex appeal.

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