Wing Tattoos

Wing Tattoos
I usually like wing tattoos a lot but I am not sure how I feel about this set of them. Apparently on the back of a guy, which is a little strange, these wings seems to be formed by what appears to be long and thin root type of material rather than be made up of wings covered with feathers which one would normally expect to see. I have never seen a set of wing tattoos just like this before and while I do find them interesting I don’t really like the design very much. I prefer the traditional looking wings.

These are meant to be angel wings of some type I am sure but I do not know what type that may be. This strikes me as something that would come out of the woods or the trees or something like that. I am not at all sure and I am not going to guess. All I can say is that they look earthy. If anybody out there know what these are meant to be I would love to hear from you. Really.
There are many different styles and types of wing tattoos and this is a picture of one that you do not see very often. It’s a much smaller one than what is popular now and only takes up a small part of the back of ones shoulder. I can only guess as to its meaning and to the meaning of the intertwined rings in the middle of these wings. The wings are probably meant to be angel wings and that typically stands for a supernatural being who is looking over us and looking out for us. It can also stand fro grace and beauty and possibly the whimsical ability to fly away whenever the world get to be too much. We’d all be flying away if that were possible, wouldn’t we?

As far as the rings go your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps they are meant to stand for a bonding of sorts. A joining of two souls if you will. Or perhaps the connection between two hearts. Something having to do with love and a relationship I would think. As far as wing tattoos go this much smaller on could be a good alternative for someone who wants one that doesn’t cover the better part of their back.

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